Infrastructure Projects and Investments in the 4th Essex District

One of the biggest issues that I fight for every day that I have been in office is to bring your state tax dollars back to our communities for infrastructure upgrades. I meet with my local officials every week and we discuss the priorities of every community. Once we establish projects, I work to identify through the budget process the grant programs and other means different ways to fund the infrastructure requirements of all of our communities. I am happy to report that I have delivered over $52 million dollars to the 4th Essex District during my tenure in the Massachusetts House of Representatives. 

Since just 2014, I have delivered for my communities when it comes to infrastructure and transportation needs. For example, the Town of Topsfield received $1 million for the repairs of Route 97 from the Topsfield-Boxford Town Lines. Additionally, Topsfield received $50,000 for the repairs of Asbury Street and $25,000 for help in securing an elevator in the new Town Hall.

Rowley is new to my district and I have been meeting regularly with their leaders for roadway repairs, storm-related funding and sidewalk renovations. Recently, Rowley secured $233,936 in state funding for infrastructure projects.

Infrastructure upgrades will always be a top priority with me and I look forward to my continued partnership with my local officials to bring more dollars to the 4th Essex District.