CAPECOD.COM: Bond Bill Passed by House Includes $50M for Coastal Dredging's Newsletter covers Rep. Brad Hill's successful efforts to secure state funding for coastal dredging projects.

Bond Bill Passed by House Includes $50M for Coastal Dredging

A $666 million economic development bond bill has passed through the Massachusetts House that would include $50 million for coastal dredging projects.

Fourth Barnstable State Representative Sarah Peake (D-Provincetown) worked in a bipartisan effort with State Rep Brad Hill (R-Ipswich) to secure the dredging funding that will help create jobs, increase commercial activity and contribute to downtown revitalization in coastal communities across the state.

“This funding is critically important and it will ensure the vitality of our coastal communities into the future,” Peake said.

“Commercial and recreational fishermen, pleasure boaters, and shore-side commerce will all benefit.”

Currently, vessels are not able to access certain areas in coastal communities due to low tide strandings. Dredging the areas would allow vessels to stay in port and contribute to the local economy and job growth.